Meet The School Director

Thank you for choosing Bell’s Security Guard Training School. My name is Richard Bell. I am a former federal police officer, former auxiliary police officer and a former volunteer firefighter. I continue to actively work in the fields of asset protection, safety and security. I have held a supervisor’s position in each of these fields. I whole heartedly, give exceptional customer service. I know the crucial roles and important tasks that a security officer must be ready and willing to perform. I believe in professionalism. I hold myself, and this school to a high standard of conduct. I believe every security officer should have uncompromising integrity and a highly regarded code of ethics.

I instruct all of my classes. There will come a time when we may work together in the field. A poorly trained security officer is a danger and a liability waiting to happen to themselves, their peers, their company, their company’s clients, employees and visitors. Bell’s Security Guard Training School is all about your training and personal safety. The price you pay will always remain fair for the abundant knowledge that you will receive. If you are already a trained security professional you will learn transitional perspectives in carrying out your sworn duties.